G Entertainment believes that technology can open up new global markets to millions of previously unreachable customers.

We have strong connections amongst European football clubs and world horse racing organisations and access to a large consumer base in Asia. Using technology, we can connect consumers with their favourite sports. While initial investments have focused on football and thoroughbred horse racing, the longer term goal is to grow technology interests and expand into the media and entertainment sector. The idea is to invest in technology that is complimentary to our portfolio and business activities and to open up new markets between Asia and the West.


Technology Investments Made in 2016: 

In July 2016, G Entertainment invested in SportsSideKick (SSK) a social media platform bringing sports fans closer to their favourite clubs. The SSK app enables  fans to communicate with each other and interact with their club; fans can access the latest stats, news, merchandise and tickets. The app has been white labelled by a number of large European football clubs and is set to launch in early 2017.



The founder of SSK, Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes, has over two decades of experience in the media industry. He successfully started ABCMediaMusic, a digital platform delivery system to enable TV, film and video games companies to download musical content with the need for copy write clearance. 



In May 2016, G Entertainment invested in Single Yard Holdings (SYH) a state-of-the-art advanced deposit wagering platform which allows international betting on horse racing. The founder of SYH, Ron Charles, has managed some of the most prestigious horse racing tracks in the world and has worked in the legalised wagering industry in the United States and Asia holding licenses in Nevada, Las Vegas and in the Philippines. 




SYH is a British Virgin Islands technology and gaming company, specialising in high-frequency, high-volume trading platforms. They are launching a sports trading platform focused on legal thoroughbred horse racing internationally. SYH’s strength lies in their network; they have a team with the knowledge, experience and understanding of the economics and dynamics of the horse racing industry worldwide.