An exciting and detailed vision for the future of G Entertainment Group was revealed during a dynamic conference hosted by the company in China in January, 2017. In an hour-long presentation CEO Brooke Greville outlined to the 1,000-strong audience how going forward the investment company would be split into three separate areas to create added value for its shareholders. Mr Greville revealed how the three new sections of GE Technology, GE Productions and GE Member Services would operate and the areas into which future expansion had been plotted.

The group decided to hold the conference in Yinchuan, China, to emphasise just how strategically important the country and the region are to the company going forward.



‘The event was about sending out a message that Asia and China is at the heart of our business, now and in the future,’ Mr Greville said.

‘Our mission is to create partnerships between Asia and the West that hugely benefit both sides. We’ve already proved we can do that. Now we are expanding and extending our ability to build on the firm foundations that we have already created.’

During the event G Entertainment Group provided traditional and contemporary Chinese entertainment from dancing dragons to a modern female dance group. The idea of the varied performances was to reflect that the company understood the importance of respecting and understanding China’s old traditions whilst also being able to incorporate the new vision and opportunities that now exist in the country.

In his opening speech Mr Greville told the audience: ‘G Entertainment Group is an investment company and our primary objective is to create value for our shareholders. We do this by building commercial partnerships between Europe, Asia and North America and acquiring subsidiaries within technology, entertainment productions and membership services.

‘In 2016 we laid the foundations to build a very strong and resilient group in the sports and entertainment industry. 

‘We invested in technology focusing primarily on the football and horse racing sectors. We have also invested in London’s world renowned theatre industry.

‘Through these investments we have strengthened our connections amongst European football clubs, world horse racing organisations and influencers within the theatre and movie world.

‘The investments and connections allow us to expand revenue streams in 2017 by opening up to exclusive sports and entertainment opportunities to consumers across Asia and Europe.’

The invited audience of key strategic partners heard how G Entertainment Group is being built on four key pillars of integrity, transparency, responsibility and ethical profit. In a promise to shareholders, Mr Greville told of his belief that it was essential that all of the group’s business interests around the world worked to the highest standards of ‘integrity, honesty and diligence.’ He said: ‘Only by acting in this way, can our business become a world-class example of enterprise, gaining the admiration and respect of our partners and peers.’

Following Mr Greville’s opening speech to the conference G Entertainment Group’s chairman Quentin Zheng was introduced to the stage.


Mr Zheng spoke passionately how he believed that G Entertainment would help open up new and important international markets to China. He said: ‘I have always believed that entertainment has no boundaries and that it is the most direct bridge for us to connect with the rest of the world.

‘Entertainment can break through boundaries, break through geography, break through any kind of environment, break through cultural backgrounds, break through all different races, and so on, at all levels. 

‘Entertainment contains everything. It includes film, television, theatre, music, sports, betting, gourmet food, fashion and many other fields. Among these, each individual field can generate a synergistic effect that is beneficial to the others. In other words, it can bring us endless business opportunities.      

‘Through comprehensive planning and deployment, G Entertainment was born.

‘This company of ours will lead us to another broad road, and will help open up international markets. 

‘On this broad road, this is only a beginning, a foundation for us to begin with. We need to not only march forward, but also guide everybody to leap forward. Our ultimate goal is pointing towards an even bigger market, the top market in the world.’

As Mr Zheng received huge applause from the audience, Mr Greville returned to the stage to outline exactly how G Entertainment was now going to be expanding into the three profitable sectors of technology, productions and member services:

GE Technology

Guests were told that GE Technology was focusing on investing in early stage disruptive technologies, within the sports, media and entertainment sectors. The audience heard great detail about the two key technology investments so far; Single Yard Holdings and SportsSidekick.

Mr Greville introduced a video presentation from Single Yard Holdings CEO, Ron Charles, who explained how the state-of-the-art advance deposit wagering platform would legally allow international betting on horse racing in the region as it holds an e-gaming licence in the Philippines.


During his speech, Mr Charles told the audience that the betting platform would open up a multi-billion pound market.

Mr Greville then introduced the CEO, of SportsSideKick, Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes to the stage to share his vision for the future expansion of his own company. Mr Ashkenazi-Bakes explained how SportsSideKick was a social media technology platform for fans to communicate with each other and their favourite sports team on a dedicated platform. The white-labelled platforms allow premier sports clubs to reach their huge brand-loyal audiences across the globe bringing millions of pounds of extra revenue. Starting with football clubs, SportsSideKick has already signed up European footballing giants Lisbon’s Sporting CP, Legia Warsaw and FC Zenit St Petersburg,

Mr Ashkenazi-Bates told the audience: ‘We all know that technology is changing the world, it’s also changing the world of sport. It’s changing the way clubs engage with fans; the way fans communicate with each other; it’s even changing the way merchandising and ticketing works. 

‘We are talking about a multi-billion dollar sports industry on an ever increasing, upward growth curve.

‘SportsSidekick and G Entertainment have the perfect synergy to be at the forefront of this global market as it grows exponentially.

‘Around the world sports fans spend €20 billion yearly on sport directly; including merchandising, ticket sales and TV subscriptions. SportsSidekick will become the “Go-to” platform for all major team sports.’

He continued: ‘Gaming, betting, chat, picture galleries, videos and more can all be shared from any device.

‘And these things create a place where it’s natural and easy to spend money, both real and virtual, which benefits us, the clubs – and in turn, our investors.’


G Entertainment Productions.

Returning to the stage, Mr Greville spoke at length about the vision for GE Productions. The delegates heard how this sector of G Entertainment would specialise in making investments in three main areas of film, theatre and music.

Mr Greville explained that G Entertainment had already invested in a new West End production of the legendary stage show 42nd Street. With a cast of 60 plus people, a large orchestra and over 600 costumes, the show will be housed in the world famous Theatre Royal Drury Lane and is due to open its doors to the public in March.

The audience heard that GE Productions will soon be announcing other investments in this field working alongside global entertainment investment giants, including Guangdong Yue Kai, Beijing Tian Bao Zhong Yi and Gate Ventures PLC.

Mr Greville told the audience: ‘In a new report, analysts PricewaterhouseCoopers has estimated that the UK’s entertainment and media market is expected to be worth £65.5 billion in 2017, with a compounded annual growth of 4%. Sales of music, film and theatre continue to rise each year.

‘In China, film box office takings were $10.4 billion, surpassing America for the first time. The entertainment industry is clearly an industry that G Entertainment wishes to enter, with a strong focus on those two territories.’


GE Member Services

The conference was then introduced to a detailed plan for GE Member Services. Mr Greville said: ‘I am delighted to announce that we are launching an exclusive, luxury lifestyle, travel and experience concierge business. This will offer its members access to exclusive events in the world with travel, accommodation, tickets and access-all-areas all organised by the company.

‘Our Luxury VIP Concierge Services Club offers members unique, luxury, top of the range experiences.’

As G Entertainment Group invests in new projects it allows the company to pass on some extraordinary perks to its members, the conference heard. These include tickets to movie premieres, theatre opening nights and sporting events. Members will get fantastic exclusive access to the extent they can even be present at the shooting of movies and attending recording sessions with artists that the company has signed up.

Mr Greville said: ‘We can arrange all visas, flights, hotels and transfers, as well as yacht and private jet or helicopter charter, to ensure a totally smooth and luxurious experience.

'To our knowledge, no other company offers these benefits, which of course money cannot buy.’

On top of this, Mr Greville announced that members would also be enrolled in the GE Racing Club.  Being part of the racing club will allow members to experience what it’s like to own, train and compete in the most elite sport in the world.

Mr Greville told guests: ‘GE Racing Club provides its members with all of the excitement and interest associated with owning a thoroughbred race horse, competing in internationally-renowned races around the world.

‘The club will initially invest in race horses competing in the UK, Ireland, France and the United States. Over time, we will build up our stable to compete in tournaments in Hong Kong, Dubai and other prestigious racing destinations around the world.’

He explained that members will be given exclusive access to follow the horses in every step of their journey, from purchase at the auction, to winning a Grade I race. Each horse will be tracked daily and details of their training schedule, statistics and run times, race schedule, jockey information and pre-race reviews will be updated via a private website that only members can access.

Mr Greville added: ‘When the horses have scheduled races, our Luxury VIP Concierge Services Club can arrange for members to be at the track, to have access to the owners circle, parade ring and VIP hospitality, just as any owner would have.

‘We will bring the thrill of the sport of Kings to every race fan in China.’

At the end of the presentation Mr Greville announced to the conference the news that G Entertainment has begun the process of its journey to listing on the stock market in New York and we expect to complete this mission within the next 24 months. Mr Greville concluded: ‘This is a huge goal and will require many significant further investments into a range of exciting, highly profitable businesses within the Entertainment sector. 

‘We are looking forward to driving growth and it is hugely exciting to be a part of this venture, and I hope that you will join us in our exciting journey.’