G Entertainment's Continuing Financial Injections

G Entertainment PLC has had a total of € 3.9million of investment funding since the company floated on the Cyprus Stock Exchange last year.


The series of cash injections have come from investment company Crystal Voyage Limited which has given the additional funding in return for new shares.


CEO Brooke Greville said the fact the investments have continued to flow was a big vote of confidence.


Mr Greville said: ‘This extra investment has been a fantastic boost for G Entertainment and has allowed us to explore new opportunities.


‘Our whole focus is on making great investments for both long term and short term returns.


‘We believe we are creating an exciting portfolio which will continue to prove to be attractive to potential investors.’


So far the three major investments for G Entertainment have been in hit West End show 42nd Street; a betting exchange and advanced deposit wagering (ADW) platform based in the Asian-Pacific region, called, Single Yard Holdings; and a new white-labeled social media platform called SportsSideKick which connects elite sports clubs with millions of fans to create new markets.