CEO Brooke Greville's Business Mission In Asia

CEO Brooke Greville has been in Asia to help set up vital infrastructure for two of G Entertainments major projects going forward.


Mr Greville has been in Manila, Macau and Hong Kong for a fortnight as he helps build the infrastructure for key investment; Single Yard Holdings (SYH) - an Asian-Pacific focused gambling platform.


Mr Greville has been working on creating a team in Manila and is personally helping to source the general manager who will help run the venture.


He has also been researching G Entertainment’s potential horse racing investments in Asia.


Mr Greville has been in Manila working closely alongside US horse racing dignitary Ron Charles, founder of SYH. The plan is for SYH to work cooperatively with the horse racing venues to plough much-needed money back into the industry.


For G Entertainment’s potential future horse racing investments, Mr Greville has been using his knowledge to help set up the necessary licensing and regulatory agreements both locally and internationally as he lays the ground for the new venture.


Mr Greville said: ‘It’s been very hard work but we’ve made tremendous progress on both projects.


‘I’m delighted to be personally helping to set up a team for Single Yard Holdings because I have a background in recruitment and specifically within the sports trading and technology sector. We need the best people.


‘The fact that we’re now in a position to get the new people in place shows how quickly the venture is developing.


‘The horse racing business naturally requires us to get the necessary partners and understand the landscape. Fortunately, I’ve worked in the Philippines and across Asia before and knowing the right people and understanding the culture really does save a lot of valuable  time.


‘All in all it’s been a very productive trip.’