G Entertainment's Mentoring Work Wins Award



G Entertainment’s mentoring work was officially recognised in Asia during a prestigious award ceremony officially supported by Nobel Prize winners.

The Social Caring Nobel Laureate Awards was set up to recognise businesses that have incorporated socially responsible schemes into their everyday work practise.

G Entertainment’s was recognised for making mentoring a corner stone of the company’s ethical policy assisting employees to give time and guidance to those less fortunate than themselves.

CEO Brooke Greville was presented with the Asian Social Caring Leadership award during the high-profile dinner held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong.

The Prince’s Trust’s role in helping G Entertainment to develop this good practise was heavily praised at the ceremony.

Mosaic which is part of The Prince’s Trust, and specialises in offering accredited mentoring in schools for children in deprived areas, has helped the company develop its mentoring policy.

In 2015, Mr Greville personally mentored a team of school children from Hackney, East London, that went on to win Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge. Incredibly that win was repeated by the same school this year after G Entertainment’s strategy consultant Zoe Fiddes was given time to help guide and advise the children during the same competition.

Mr Greville was presented with his award on stage by Professor Shuji Nakamura, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014 for inventing the blue LED which is used in Blu-rays has enabled bright and energy-saving white light to be produced. The other Nobel Prize winner to attend the event was Professor Arieh Warshel who became a Laureate in 2013 for his work in Chemistry after developing accurate computer models of chemical reations.

The awards panel praised Mr Greville for not only giving up his own time for mentoring but for allocating time to staff to help others both inside and outside of the company.

Mr Greville was quick to praise the work of The Prince’s Trust saying: ‘Our passion for mentoring has grown thanks to the excellent work by Mosaic.

‘The charity has set up an excellent network that makes it easier for companies and individuals to dedicate time to helping, directing and inspiring others.

‘In fact we were ourselves so inspired by Mosaic’s schemes that we decided to adopt mentoring as a key cornerstone of our business. It’s not only incredibly rewarding work but it teaches a lot of valuable lessons that help to create good business policies.’


See Brooke Greville being interviewed at the event :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHgIlpTplro